Mobility is a lifestyle! laugh
It is the strong desire to travel, see new places, get to know people from other countries, listen to strange languages, taste new plates...It is to expose yourself to a reality different than yours and experience it with all your senses! 

In ESN, we believe that it is important to spread this way of life and motivate people to take the leap and start "Mov'in Europe"!

People who have lived abroad are the best to promote this idea, so here's the plan: 

If you want more people to dare, make the first step and have unique international moments, like those that Erasmus has offered to you, you can help us!
Send us a photo you took during your Erasmus or other international experience (you can be in the photo if you want) accompanied by a short sentence about what it meant to you (how it changed you, something you'll never forget, why you would recommend it etc) @ We will adjust them to the template we have in the photos we already uploaded and then upload them in our Facebook page and webpage with your first name and home country. wink
Past Erasmus are also more than welcome to contribute!


Let's spread the message!  
Let's Mov'in Europe!!